If you follow the truth - you will be erased till the ass

Aphorism on feet
Another tattoo If you follow the truth - you will be erased till the ass. Probably the tattoo was made in a tattoo parlor, like this one.

Russian criminal tattoo on statues by Fabio Viale

Italian artist Fabio Viale held an exhibition of his works. Fabio's work consisted of Greek statues with Russian prison tattoos painted on them. Here is more work from him.
Fabio Viale tattoo sculpture

MISFIT surfboard

MISFIT surfboard
Someone pasted a drawing of the MIR tattoo on a surfboard from Baldaev's book about Russian criminal tattoo. A strange idea to decorate surfing.

Epaulette with a skull

I think this tattoo was done in a tattoo parlor. The skull looks like a tattoo from the cover of Baldaev's book Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia Volume 1.

Tattoo of a burglar thief

Russian prison cat tattoo
A cat in a top hat and with a monocle in one paw holds a crowbar, in the other a master key - is a burglar thief. Here is another tattoo of a cat with a mount and master keys, and here is a tattoo of a cat, also in a top hat and with a monocle, but without tools. Maybe the monocle has some meaning.

Tattoo of pickpocket

Russian prison tattoo of pickpocket
CAT is a pickpocket, and this cat has a feather in his hat, which may indicate that he is a pisaka, that is, he uses a feather for work - a sharp object with which he cuts bags and pockets. Such pickpockets also have a tattoo of a monk writing a book with a feather. What the gun and knife mean is unknown. Perhaps the owner also hunted for robbery, which somehow does not fit with the work of a pickpocket.

Abbreviation BARS on fingers

Russian prison tattoo BARS
The abbreviation BARS, stands for - BARS - Bey Aktiv Rezh Suk - Beat Active Cut Bitchs. What the ring on the index finger means is unknown. The meanings of other signet-rings can be found on our blog.

Saint Basil's Cathedral tattoo

Although the photograph is small, the Saint Basil's Cathedral in Red Square is recognizable, which is also called:

1. The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed.
2. Saint Basil's Cathedral. 
3. The Cathedral of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat.
4. Pokrovsky Cathedral.

PUMA tattoo on fingers

Puma tattoo
Nonsense as it is. The hand looks like a woman’s, most likely the tattoos were made outside the former USSR, since walking around with such tattoos in these parts, and even being a woman, will cause misunderstanding, to put it mildly. Abroad, of course, it looks cool, but even despite being abroad, the one who did these tattoos knew that they were prison ones. Most likely they were made based on the materials of the book by Danzig Baldaev. In any case, we will analyze these tattoos.

Tattoo Meanings

Manacle - 5 years in prison.
Star on hand - Unknown.
ИТК Яя - Name of corrective labor colony in Russia.
Padlock - It probably means that he was convicted under the specified article. 1952 is most likely the year of serving the sentence.

Legcuffs tattoos

The meaning of the tattoo of shackles on the legs, as well as on the hands, is five years of imprisonment each. The bell means from bell to bell, that is, he served his term in full. I don't know what the candle means.

Full chest bardak tattoo

Usually the bardak is made small, here on the entire chest. Some make a bardak without a weapon, and if there is a weapon, sometimes it is a revolver. Here you can also recognize the TT pistol, and two. Unusual tattoo.

And here is a bardak from America on which a gun looks like a Glock.

Centaur kills the dragon in front of the castle

An interesting tattoo, but its meaning is unknown. Reminiscent of George the Victorious, killing a snake, which is depicted on the coat of arms of Moscow.

Searched, searched, caught, condemned

--+# - Searched, searched, caught, condemned.

On the index and ring fingers it is not clear what kind of tattoos. On the middle finger is the meaning "I was in juvenile jail." On the little finger, the number 13 is most likely the same meaning as the number 13 is not on the finger - an unhappy childhood or unlucky.

For the post Unknown language came explanation in the comments:

Kurdebs sicocxle , bozebs sikudili !


ქურდებს სიცოცხლე ბოზებს სიკვდილი

Its caucasian symbol and means :
Kurdebi : thieves / vor v zakone
Sicocxle : love
Its hard to transladte exactly but its means in georgian :
~"Life to thieves, dead for ~bitches*"

* bitch = who talks to police

Looks like a tattoo studio

It is possible that these stars were made in the studio, and not in places of deprivation of liberty. Above the star appears to be the inscription Sigil. A sigil is an occult symbol, or a combination of symbols that have magical powers. With its help, magicians, alchemists and others summoned and controlled demons or spirits. It was popular in the Middle Ages and played an important role in spell books. In addition to spells, sigils could be used as an emblem of some kind of community, since the word sigil itself is similar to the Latin sigillum and is translated as "seal". The sigil may also be related to the Hebrew word segulah, which means "action or element of spiritual influence."

A Sigil tattoo can mean anything, including belonging to a community, or it can mean nothing.

Strange tattoos

Some strange tattoos, perhaps cover up. On the right hand, a spider is visible on the middle finger. There is barbed wire on the knuckles, apparently, eight turns are visible in the photo.

Card suits on the fingers

The meaning of tattooing card suits on the fingers has not yet been clarified. There is information that the tattoo is somehow read by the initial letters of the suits. Usually suits mean player, but here another meaning is possible.