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Murder of Ded Hasan

In Moscow, on January 16 at the entrance of the restaurant "Stariy faeton", the sniper shot was wounded famous vor v zakone Aslan Usoyan.
Aslan Usoyan
The wounded Usoyan was taken to Botkin hospital where he died of his wounds.
Shots were fired from rifle "Val." Sniper made 6 shots. Weapon attack has not yet been found.
Organizers of the murder is not yet known but there are suggestions that they were Caucasians themselves, because the Ded Hasan had conflicts with other thieves. There is a version of the involvement of the Slavic groups. They say that the place Father Hassan took his nephew, vor v zakone Dmitry Chanturia named Myron. Who vowed to avenge his uncle. Bury Father Hassan gathered in his native Georgia. Georgia, however, refused to accept the body of the deceased. In this regard, Aslan Usoyana buried in Russia Khovanskoye cemetery. The funeral took place on January 20. At the funeral for Usoyan came many criminal authorities from across Russia.

Details of attempted to murder on Aslan Usoyan

As many already know, on the 16th of September 2010 the vor v zakone Aslan Usoyan, also known as Ded Hasan, who after Vyacheslav Ivankov’s death is considered to be the leader of the Russian criminal world, was attempted to murder.

Aslan Usoyan(Ded Hasan)


Interview of the head of State Department of the Internal Affairs of Moscow

Ded Hasan arrived to visit his son and he was wounded heavily at the porch entrance, his body-guard was also wounded. The bullet hit Hasan’s stomach. The surveillance cameras recorded the attempt against the Ded Hasan.

Video of attempted to murder

Firing was made from the opposite house. It is seen on the video as mountain climbers get into the flat from where the firing was made. The cameras have also recorded the killer in addition to the attempt to murder.

Video of Ded Hasan killer taken by surveillance cameras

It is notable that the fire was made from Kalashnikov of the Chinese production.

Kalashnikov with silencer


It is seen on the photos that the weapon is with silencer, however the sniper went even further. He fired with rare cartridges RS (reduced launching speed from the barrel). These cartridges were found in the sniper’s flat.

Special cartridges


These cartridges are out of production for a long time already and it is possible to get these cartridges only on the military supply spots. These cartridges differ from ordinary ones with subsonic flying speed and thus they don’t produce the blast during shot. And when firing is made from the weapon with silencer the volume of the shot sound is similar to the one from bow. The video shows visually the difference between ordinary cartridges and special ones. RS bullet flies about 3 times slower than the ordinary one.

Comparison video of ordinary cartridges and special RS cartridges as well as 3D version of attempt to murder against Aslan Usoyan.

And here is brief interview of the neighbor of Aslan Khasanov’s son. He is a foreign businessman who came for some days to Russia and lived in rented flat near to Usoyan’s son.

Interviews of neighbor of son of Ded Hasan

This foreign businessman on video said that he did not see anything, see only a lot of blood in the entryway.

For the moment Asan Usoyan is discharged from hospital. There are many versions for the reasons of the attempt, they say that he was shot because of Cherkizovskiy market. However, only the customers know about the real reasons.

Murder of Vor v zakone

News is not new but has to be here.At 7th of February 2009 in Moscow was killed Vor v zakone Alik Minalian (Alik Sochinskiy.Vor of Kavkaz). His friend was wounded on his back.

Alik Minalian


On the video at 1:12 minute talk about accident that happened on the same day in the Tula Oblast(Tula).
On roadside was found burned Mercedes with two bodies inside:man and woman.Before burn the car passengers were shot.

Tumba de Alik Minalian


P.S:some people say that Alik was apelsin (the orange). But not orange as color, orange as fruit.Apelsin is Vor v zakone who never was in prison.

S-hodka of vor v zakone

S-hodka is meeting for address issues.Here are 37 vor v zakone:36 caucasians and 1 slavonian from Belorussia.

Criminal Russia