Three cards with daggers

Shackle - 5 years, 9 thorns on the barbed wire - 9 years, cards mean player, daggers what do mean? Also, you can't see the Jolly Roger or the CAT. Most likely CAT with a bow and a top hat. Or maybe Roger with some other meaning. It's just that Jolly Roger should mean a robber.

Old school tattoo

Rose and barbed wire tattoo

Rose and barbed wire prison tattoo
The meaning of rose and barbed wire is ruined youth. The number of turns of wire is equal to the number of years of imprisonment.


AUE mean "Arestantskiy Uklad\Ustav Edin or Arestantskoe Urkaganskoe Edinstvo, which can be translated into English as Convict’s/Prisoner’s Practice/(way of life, law)/Codex is Unified/Universal/Uniform, or Prisoner’s/Convict’s Urka/(career con)/Thug Unity/Solidarity.

Cool old tattoo

Clef tattoo

A tattoo of a clef on a finger most likely means a fun revelry life, there is also a version that the convict plays an instrument.

In the photo, the drawing of the domes is probably years of the artist's term. Maybe even this is a sketch of a future tattoo.

The letter "Д" with rays is the initial letter of the name.

Old soviet tattoos

Tattoo --+#

VOLK - Voru Otdishka, Legavomu Krishka. Thief's Break Heat's Done for or something like that.

--+# - Searched, searched, caught, condemned.

Color tattoo on the leg

Color tattoo on the leg
A good colored tattoo or gin or just an old man with a hookah.

Chort with gold

Chort tattoo
Chort in Russian folklore is an anthropomorphic demon of total evil of doom, with horns, hooves and a skinny tail. Colored prison tattoos that are not so common. A spider with a web, a gun, cards, hemp is all clear, but what mean chort with gold is unknown. Who knows what for this tattoo?

Sieg Heil tattoo

Sieg Heil tattoo
Sieg Heil mean "Long live the Victory".

Shield and sword tattoo

Shield and sword tattoo
It is not clear what the shield shield and sword with axes and the letter F on the shield mean, but the epaulette with a swastika is otricala. Here another thing is interesting, where is the photo taken? The coat of arms on the wall is some kind of cabinet, and a large one.

BARS and Yura

Bars and Yura tattoo
Tattoo Yura is a name, not an abbreviation.