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Bullet for Yaponchik

Today in Moscow was an attempt at a vor v zakone Viacheslav Ivankov known as Yaponchik.

The shot was taken from the sniper rifle with telescopic sights when the Yaponchik left the cafe.Bullet pleased Ivankov in stomach.Wounded he taken to hospital where doctors are struggling for his life.And i think struggling under the pistols.

Shoot was made from this car

Wife of Ivankov

Ivankov had surgery but the condition is heavy.

Surveillance camera video

Criminal Russia

Bratva buried vor v zakone Skif

27 May 2009 in Moscow on Lublinskoe cemetery was buried Andrey Golubev(Skif).

Murder of Skif
Video from place of murder

On photo is not Skif,is avtoritet Vitaliy Korsakov(Korsak)

Funerals.Burial expenses took assumed Luberetskaya OPG,one of most powerful OPG of Russia.

Andrey Golubev(Skif)

They say that to the cemetery came even Yaponchik but at night that has not seen the police.

They say that knows who killed and for what.Causes of murder is not financial or territorial, all because personal dislike.All guilty will be punish.How can see vor was autority,for example he was opposed to transfer drugs to prisoners by relatives.

Vor v zakone Andrey Golubev was crowned 30 June 2000 by vors v zakone Savoska,Biriuk and Vitalik Mahachkalinskiy.Vor Vladimir Biurikov(Biria,Biriuk)died 1 of March 2009 year in Smolensk(Russia).He from Belarus from Bobruysk where he was buried 5 of March.

Vladimir Biurikov


To funeral came at least 100 cars

On ribbon words "From Bratva".



Criminal Russia

Bratva - from word Brat(Brother)is like Brotherhood but Brotherhood in russian is Bratstvo but its not Bratstvo,its Bratva.It's like OPG but OPG from word "Criminal" but Bratva from another word,from word Brat.

Bratva term I will use in the future.

Big photo of Viacheslav Ivankov.Rarity.

Found a big normal photo of Yaponchik.All photos what i saw in internet small like avatar.