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Hand made


This tattoo made without tattoo machine.Only hand and needle.

Added information to blog about Sergey Shevkunenko.

Once to the prison came a vor v zakone. Sergey has sent a letter to freedom about this vor.Came the answer that the passenger is not a vor,he is just shnyr(One of the lowest level of the prison's hierarchy).After this case the avtoritet of Sergey grew up.

Russian criminal tattoos

Fourth finger on left hand is like BARS.
Middle finger on right hand Was in ZONA.Zona is place where are prisoners after court,before of court called prison.
Fourth finger is conviction.
Little finger is hooliganism.
Signet-ring of conviction is not conviction it's otritsala.
In russian blog saying that dollar is second conviction.

Mama v zakone

russian criminal tattoo

On the left side where is the snake's head written Wife,on the right Mother in law.On the chest To each his own.

WOW!!!I did't know that Tioscha in english is Mother in law(Mat' v zakone)!Some like Thief in law(Vor v zakone)!What discovery!!!!!
Son in law,Daughter in law etc.
Russian criminal tattoo

He have swastika left-facing.What it mean and what difference with swastika normal i don't know.


ruso tatuaje

Web made not like another previous.This like wet,like after rain.

Russian criminal tattoo

Window with bars mean "Here is my youth".
On index finger on left hand mean "Was in prison for juvenile with respect".Its not respect its word "Borzo",like with respect,was in prison serious.I think seriousness here mean crown.