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Choosing a Tattoo

When choosing a permanent tattoo you need to think carefully. After all, the tattoo is going to stay with you for lifetime. You simply don't have an option to change your mind. Browse through a tattoo gallery and look at various tattoo designs available. Which tattoo type do you prefer, which size, which part of the body? After you pick the proper design go to a specialist and let him make a sketch on you,a sort of removable tattoo. Do not ink right away! Hang around with the removable tattoo for a few days and notice how you feel. Once you are 100% sure you've got the right thing, you can proceed with the permanent tattoo.

LHVS tattoo

LHVS - Legavim Huy Voram Soboda - To trashcops the dick, to thieves freedom.

Another meaning of LHVS it's just joke - Lublu Halvu Varenie Sahar - I like halva, marmalade, sugar.

Tattoos on fingers


On the index finger Spades tattoo, most likely this is thief's suit.
On middle finger otritsala.
On ring finger - The sun shines in the side of the bars - Half his life in prison - The owner of tattooing was serving a long prison term.
On the little finger - Save and Protect, convicted hopes only to themselves.

On the index finger ring with a cross means that Passed crosses.
On average otritsala or conviction.Im not sure.
On fourth finger Passed juvenile.
On the little finger Suits of clubs.Prisoner is avtoritet.

About prison Crosses in Saint Petersburg.The prison is so called because it was made in the form of crosses.

Russian criminal tattoos

Fourth finger on left hand is like BARS.
Middle finger on right hand Was in ZONA.Zona is place where are prisoners after court,before of court called prison.
Fourth finger is conviction.
Little finger is hooliganism.
Signet-ring of conviction is not conviction it's otritsala.
In russian blog saying that dollar is second conviction.

BOSS - Bil Osuzhden Sovetskim Soyuzom(Was Sentenced by a Soviet Court)
russian criminal tattoo

Left hand,middle finger,meaning unknown.
Russian criminal tattoo

He have swastika left-facing.What it mean and what difference with swastika normal i don't know.
russian criminal tattoo

On middle finger meaning i don't know,others signet-rings are not visible.