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Died Vor v zakone Vyacheslav Ivankov

Vyacheslav Ivankov AKA Yaponchik, who was one of the top Vor V Zakone, died today in Moscow hospital at the age of 69.

What will happen now? Who will take Yaponchik's place? Ded Hasan? Who is left from this last line of the Slavic Vors of Authority? With the death of Ivankov, part of this old criminal world and the original thief, also died. He was the last legendary vor v zakone. Some time will pass and they will make documentaries about him. The complet story of the Slava, the last Thief.

About situation with Yaponchik

In short, according to Criminalnaya.ru (who in turn credits another source), the man who put the hit out on Ivankov is likely a "Vor v Zakone" by the name of Tariel Oniani

Tariel Oniani


As of now Ivankov is still in critical condition. Oniani has been arrested for organizing the kidnapping of a Moscow businessman. It is also believed that Oniani fears revenge for ordering the hit on Ivankov. But revenge from whom? From a close associate and ally of Ivankov, "Vor v Zakone" Ded Hasan and other criminal "authorities" like him.

Ded Hasan

Bullet for Yaponchik

Today in Moscow was an attempt at a vor v zakone Viacheslav Ivankov known as Yaponchik.

The shot was taken from the sniper rifle with telescopic sights when the Yaponchik left the cafe.Bullet pleased Ivankov in stomach.Wounded he taken to hospital where doctors are struggling for his life.And i think struggling under the pistols.

Shoot was made from this car

Wife of Ivankov

Ivankov had surgery but the condition is heavy.

Surveillance camera video

Criminal Russia

Vor v zakone Ivankov Viacheslav Kirillovich(Yaponchik)

Vyacheslav Ivankov is a Russian criminal and notorious member of the Russian Mafia who was believed to have connections with Russian state intelligence organizations and their organized crime partners. He has operated in both the Soviet Union and the United States. His nickname, "Yaponchik" translates from Russian as "Little Japanese", due to his vaguely Asian features and slanted eyes.
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