Punishment: the Russian prison yesterday and today

Starting from today the series of films about the Russian prison is launched. The film is titled “Punishment: the Russian prison yesterday and today”. This film is about the Russian prison in different times. This is the most complete film about the Russian prison and the things linked with it. The series will concern the concepts, Stalin’s camps, colonies for children and other things linked with the prison. The whole film will be accompanied with narratives of the witnesses and participants of the events.
Today I publish the 1st out of 14 series titled “From Rus to Kolyma”.


Today 860,000 people in Russia are behind the bars. And how many were there 50? 100? 500 years ago? When in general did this strange word “prison” appear? Who wrote the first Russian criminal code? Where did torture instruments come from to Russia? How were the most dangerous criminals recognized? Punishments by whipping and head cutting off, finger cutting and nostrils tearing out, criminal and political prisons, Peter the First as reformer of the Russian prison, the most famous prisoners of Schlusselburg , marvelous planet Kolyma, the most terrible crimes committed by teenagers, love story in Mordova colony, stars both on that and this side of the bars – all these are covered in this first series of the documentary:

Punishment: the Russian prison yesterday and today

Specific features of the film:

The film was shot for Russia and the former-USSR countries and it is not figured for the foreigners that is why different unclear terms and expressions can be encountered in the film. If somebody fails to understand something, please write in the comments what is unclear and we will look into it.

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