1 July:Judgment Day

Tomorrow the first of July, the day of entry into force of the law on gaming establishments.From 0.00 o'clock all gaming establishments should change activities or closed.Many such establishments holding criminal elements.Now only in Moscow employs about 500 such establishments including 30 casinos, and now all this megagainful activities need closed or just move it in a specially reserved for this area

3.Rostovskaya oblast.
4.Kaliningradskaya oblast.

Most of all I like to areas on the Altay

The beauty, fresh air, forests, fields, mountains, CASINOS! There are any road?

I do not know what will be but the first time to appear clandestine casinos.I think with the times some casinos will move to special areas, but in what area?To those that close to the money.Where is the money in Russia?Of course in Moscow!Therefore will build a casino in the area of No. 3 and 4.This is the first areas of the most profitable for Moscow casino's owners.

Next, how to build these areas.Build casino on wasteland and sit waiting for customers is foolishly.Nobody not going from Moscow to Altay play to roulette.Therefore need to build a casino and a residential complex that will include gambling establishments ,elite hotels, swimming pools, ski slopes, airfield and other amenities which are needed for normal rich person for relaxation.And if this area is far simple plodder never going to there,only the rich and for few days.Few days they will be leave our money!Long distance will be as a filter which will filter out normal people from the rich.

All this is just my thoughts, and not more but at 0.00 o'clock will begin something interesting.

Show Must Go On

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