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Monday, March 23, 2009

Russian Criminal Cars

Today I want to tell about russian criminal cars.

These cars 2:

VAZ 2109

Vaz 2109
BMW.Of course black

BMW M5 E34
BMW M5 E34

This photo is my wallpaper

BMW M5 E34

Photos from here

Here History of BMW.I recommend reading,is very interesting history.

Why VAZ 2109?Why not other cars or others models of VAZ?

These cars are often used in the 90th years, because the 90th years in Russia were very criminal.In 90th years, had not were powerful models like now, so there are several reasons why 2109 better than other:
2.2108 is the same as 2109 but with 2 doors.4 better when shooting out of the car easier come out.
3.Car russian, not foreign, so unconspicuous.
But it's just my opinion.

VAZ 2108

VAZ 2108

Second car is BMW,but not all BMW,more criminal model is M5 E34.Why E34?Because E34 as 2109 model of 90th(from 1987),and the 90th years in Russia were very criminal.
In german BMW is:
but in russian BMW is:
In inglish:
Wor is Vor v zakone

BMW is Boomer or Beha,like in english Bimmer.

Some video of cars from criminal movie(i know that not all BMW in clip is M5)

Mp3 from video with BMW M5 E34

Some photos of Boevaya Mashina Worov with girls

P.S:I am not saying that all bandits use only to those two cars.Those 2 are the most popular.

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