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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Eastern Promises

Watched this movie, read reviews and watched.I not liked because about the russians tattoo I knew before and I know more than shown in the film.But probably is best foreign film about the russian mafia.Not all russian can make a good movie about the russian crime, what talk about foreigners.
What is the difference between the previous films about the Russian mafia, and thit?
In this movie told to audience about the russians tattoo, and this discovery for many foreigners.
Watching a movie and thinking that all this history just an excuse to talk about tattoos.Why called the Eastern promises is not clear, could be called Russian criminal tattoo.
Film about the russian mafia is not a movie if it does not sing Kalinka-Malinka, Ochi Chornie,Katiusha not dance Kazachok.Тhat's OK, because the film was not only for Russians,and these things are stereotypes of Russians like vodka and balalayka.

One interesting thing:
Vigo's consultant on the russian language was Olegaro Fiodoro!!!!!Nоt some Andrey Semionov or Sergey Efremov or Ivan Ivanov,Olegaro Fjodoro!!!!!!!It's like russian scientist Schnizelberg and amerikan scientist Makarov.

Тhe only thing I liked most is the end of the first few minutes of film which showed the tattoo, it was really beautiful.

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