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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

For fiesta

Yesterday in Spain started the fiesta in Pamplona San Fermin.People around the world run of bulls, make bottles, sleep on the street, resting on top! I was at this fiesta, and not one time.Mega fiesta but dangerous.For fiesta tattoo with bull means cruelty and rage.Prisioners with this tattoo are bulls and fighters (who make the physical execution on the orders of the vor v zakon).

On the top of photo Strict regime.Are two regime,strict and common.

Start of fiesta,called chupinazo

-Long live San Fermín!
-not understand this.
-Greetings fiesta!

When petard explodes celebration is considered to be open.All week to chase bulls,corrida,in bars disco, drinking alcohol on everywhere and sleeping in the street.

This morning was the first encierro

I not ran before the bulls, but i was inside

Here is my favorite t-shirt

T-shirt dirty by sand on arene.Sand is wet and stinking of bull's urine.I washed few times but i think is imposible make complete clean.A if frequently washed T-shirt that will become a rag.

Other T-shirts

This is i don't knowt what is called in spanish

I can say much of this super fiesta but the blog not about that.I will be put pictures of tattoos with video of encierros every day before fiesta is not finished.This is mega fiesta!

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